Identifying and finding your first 100 customers

Identifying and finding your first 100 customers 15 NovembreNov 2023 14:30 - 16:00Salle M1170, UNI MAIL - Bd du Pont-d'Arve 40, 1205 Genève


In the early stages of a startup, when you are starting to define your idea and testing out your first prototype, it is essential that you collect feedback from the right people. At this stage you don’t need lots of customers, for most business 100 is enough, or even fewer.


In this workshop, we will discuss how to create a customer persona, a detailed description of your ideal customer, and how to make this persona relevant for your business. Next, we will cover a number of ways that you can find your first customers, including social media content, webinars, advertising on Google, and free samples or trials.


Edward Boon, researcher and lecturer in marketing and entrepreneurship, Webster University Geneva

Organisation: Webster University Geneva


Salle M1170, UNI MAIL - Bd du Pont-d'Arve 40, 1205 Genève


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